The frictionless CMS to deliver your content fast...

GLIDE is a powerful multi-module Content Management System that handles everything you need to take your sites to the widest audiences. It includes content creation, website look and delivery, API handling, mobile and app delivery, and video and image libraries.

Grow your content and expand your audience

A powerful Content Management System and platform handling everything from content creation, website delivery, API handling, mobile and app delivery, video, and image and library requirements. Highly flexible and geared to work in the cloud, it can easily manage every step of the digital journey to get your site to the widest audience quickly and effectively. Designed for enterprise users, it is manages everything including SEO and social media in an easy-to-use package that speeds production and enforces workflows that suit your business. A competitive licence structure means predictable and scalable costs and easy budgeting, adapting simply to site growth.


GLIDE is quick. It's designed to reduce or eliminate the time-consuming hurdles to publishing, saving you time to make content and boosting productivity. Out of the box GLIDE handles the essentials of best-practice publishing. Use it.


GLIDE is a joy to use - prioritising ease of use alongside its power and designed to be intuitive so even inexperienced team members can onboard and use it with minimal training. Power users will love its flexibility and adaptability.


Publishing to the widest array of platforms and devices is another key strength that makes GLIDE so good. For desktop, app, mobiles, tablets, and now devices like Amazon Echo, GLIDE CMS gives you the tools to expand your reach - fast.


The content for your sites comes in all forms and GLIDE handles them with ease. Text, images, videos, galleries, social feeds and embeds, and SEO best practice are all managed out of the box, giving you back time to make your content.


Cloud publishing can cut your costs dramatically and strengthen your site's speed, flexibility, and power. GLIDE is designed to work with Amazon Web Services and AWS tools out of the box, to help you get the very best results quickly.


Guided by real-life use in fast-moving media environments, GLIDE is created to speed user workflow and improve team efficiency in use. Take back the time spent handling the basics and micromanaging your content: let GLIDE take charge.


GLIDE can work out of the box or be customised to suit - you choose. If your site or team need special features or support we're here to talk and can tailor assistance to suit your needs and budget. You're not on your own: we'll help.


Using GLIDE CMS is a big step forward in reducing your exposure to the attacks and known vulnerabilities that plague Open Source solutions. We work with a wide set of tools to keep your sites safe and secure and running at their best.

Designed to be easy for users, and powerful for your business

"Using Glide is like a little slice of technical heaven. It has cut our upload time by at least half, leaving our reporters with a lot more time to perfect their writing and SEO skills."



GLIDE can be tailored to suit your specific requirements...

Your business has requirements and needs that will give you an edge - GLIDE can be tailored to handle them.


Get the most from videos and other assets by using them to their best and spreading them more widely - GLIDE can be customised to give you more ways to get to your audiences fast.


Let GLIDE work with your data to serve the best and most relevant content to your audience and customers. GLIDE lets you react to analytics and trends to improve site performance.


GLIDE can help you unleash your creativity more widely and more efficiently by supporting multiple sites from the same CMS. Share content across your portfolio quickly and easily.